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Why Use an M&A Professional – Part I

Thousands of small- to medium-sized businesses sell privately every year, so why use an M&A Professional?  There are several reasons, but in my experience most of my clients say they chose me to help them get the best possible result from the years they invested in building their business.

An experienced M&A professional can more than earn his fee by improving the price & terms an owner will realize from selling his business.  In a recent case, a business owner asked me to take over the sale of his business after he had attempted to sell it himself for almost a year.  He reported that even after lowering his asking price to less than $1M, his trade journal ads hadn’t produced a single offer.

After working with the owner to recast his financial history and repackage his marketing materials, and after exposing his business through blind ads to our network of buyers, within 8 months we successfully closed with a strategic buyer for 50% more than the seller’s last asking price.  The deal also included several perks that made the deal even sweeter for this seller.

If you know of a business owner who’s thinking of selling and who might benefit from a complimentary consultation with us, have them contact me or any of the M&A professionals at

By: Mike Ertel, Transworld M&A Advisors