World Class Mergers & Acquisitions  |  For Companies $5 Million to $250 Million in Revenue

Why Choose Transworld M&A Advisors


  • We’re not Wall Street, and we’re not Main Street. Mid-sized, privately held companies are the sole focus of our business.
  • We are in regular, direct contact with hundreds of private equity groups, family offices, and strategic buyers worldwide who are actively acquiring middle market companies.
  • We will conduct a fresh, extensive search to identify all the private equity groups, family offices, and strategic buyers worldwide who are actively acquiring companies in your space currently and/or who could be potentially interested in acquiring your company.  (Many firms tend to go back to the same firms they’ve dealt with before.)
  • We will act as a Single Agent representing you, the Seller, as our Client. (Many firms act as “matchmakers” and not Single Agents and tend to be loyal to their buyers, who are their repeat customers.)
  • We work with all qualified buyers, not just those who come to us directly, and we will cooperate with any qualified broker who brings a qualified buyer.  (Many firms will not share fees with another broker.)
  • One of our Managing Directors will be assigned prime responsibility to manage your project from start to finish, but all three of our Managing Directors will be involved through our weekly partner meetings.  Collectively, we have over 50 years of experience in managing successful M&A engagements.
  • With over 110 offices and over 300 professionals worldwide, Transworld has the largest network of agents worldwide who will be aware of this engagement and on the lookout for potential buyers.
  • We offer a unique, Marketability Assessment to assist a business owner in determining if his business is ready for sale, as well as identifying steps the owner can take to increase his ultimate selling price.
  • As part of our service, we will assist in securing an independent, certified business valuation.
  • We offer a unique, 2nd opinion service to ensure that the proposed deal structure maximizes your net proceeds after tax.

If you know of a business owner who’s thinking of selling or buying a business and who might benefit from a complimentary consultation with an experienced M&A advisor, have them contact a Transworld M&A Advisor at (888) 864-6610 or visit our website for more information.