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The Process of Selling Your Business For Maximum Profit



You’ve worked hard… done deal

You have earned it, now the culmination of years of effort is ready to pay off. The process of selling your business for maximum profit is a proven formula, not just another transaction like selling a house. Proper set-up, documentation, presentation, and execution all need to flow with precision to achieve the highest possible selling price and intelligent transition into life after the sale. The following steps are a preliminary guideline to help you to better understand the process of selling your business.

Steps to consider prior to placing your business on the market
Proper valuation of your business will be quickened and enhanced with your ability to provide accurate records of EBITDA and position the assets of your business to be viewed in the most favorable light. This is where a Business Broker can help create the beginning of a profitable, efficient transaction. Financial and estate planning to ensure the proceeds of the sale will be aligned to your advantage, not the governments.
The entity that buys your business will have a team on their side; do you have a winning team on your side? The process of selling your business may require Tax Attorneys, CPA’s, and a Business Brokerage Firm with your interests in mind. Our job is to help you create that winning team.

The Process of Selling

  • Put together your winning team, each member focused on your goal of achieving a successful transaction.
  • Create a valuation for your business encompassing Multiple of Earnings Value, Asset Value, and Comparable Value, to arrive at a documented sale price, sure to hold up under the upcoming scrutiny of a buyer.
  • Take your business to market with a decisive marketing plan that utilizes every possible tool to gain rapid visibility to the greatest number of qualified buyers.
  • Be prepared for a rigorous Due Diligence Audit from the most serious buyer, prior to closing of documents and completion of sale. All the preliminary work you and your Broker have done will pay off here.
  • Closing of the sale and your transition to your new life. Your goal has been successfully achieved. Your transaction can close in weeks thanks to proper preparation or may take months depending on the buyer and terms you agree upon. You may be asked to remain in an advisory role for a set time period and probably will be asked to sign a non-compete clause. Thanks to your winning team your proceeds from the sale are placed in the most advantageous position for you and your new life begins.

You have worked hard, you have earned it, consider us your winning team.

With our experience in the industry and our dedication to your goal, together we can make this transaction the most profitable experience of your life.