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Johnathan Choe

Managing Director

Johnathan Choe is the Lead Broker and Co-Founder of Transworld Business Advisors of West Central Ohio along with Transworld Business Advisors of Oregon Central. Johnathan has over 30 years of executive leadership experience in banking, wealth management & insurance, commercial and residential lending with a consistent record of financial performance and industry record-setting service delivery. He has a passion for helping his team and clients to deliver and achieve excellence. Johnathan believes that he and his team are in the business of helping good people turn their professional dreams into financial and business realities. Since 1979 Transworld Business Advisors have been serving main-street and middle-market entrepreneurs to buy and sell businesses and to grow their businesses through franchising. Johnathan and his team love helping their clients to put creative deals together and forge solutions where all parities achieve exciting wins. Johnathan’s passions are his family and serving his communities through his engagement with his church and non-profit organizations, focused on serving the homeless, veterans, and families.