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Carlo Paolucci

Managing Director - France

I am a professional in SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) business sales, driven by my passion for supporting business leaders and contributing to the real economy. My extensive experience, from leading major international companies to being an entrepreneur, nourishes my skills and fuels my dedication and energy in this field.

With 20 years as an executive at giants like P&G, JNJ, Sara Lee, and LVMH, I have developed strong skills in handling complex, international situations in diverse areas such as legal, finance, and HR, and in negotiating in any situation. These skills are crucial in SME transactions.

My journey as an entrepreneur began 15 years ago. After my corporate career, driven by my lifelong passion for sports, I successfully created and then sold a chain of gyms. This personal and professional experience highlighted the critical need for high-quality support in business transitions, especially for SMEs.

This realization led me to my current role. Partnering with Transworld, a global leader in business transitions, I launched their operations in France. Combining their unique approach with my expertise, I offer tailored support to business leaders, ensuring successful SME sales under optimal conditions.