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Tax Court Rules That Minority Interest Discount and Lack of Marketability Discount Apply to Family Limited Partnership Interest

The Tax Court ruled that a minority interest discount and lack of marketability discount applied to the valuation of a family limited partnership (FLP) interest.  In the case, the decedent, daughter, and son-in law formed an FLP and a limited liability company (LLC).  When the decedent died, he owned a majority interest in the FLP and a one-third interest in the LLC.  The estate hired a valuation expert to appraise the estate and FLP.

The expert applied a 53% discount based on several factors such as minority interest and lack of marketability.  The IRS disputed the large discounts and assessed a deficiency against the estate of a net discount of 25%.  In usual fashion, the Tax Court ruled a net discount of 35.5% was appropriate, reflecting minority shareholder status and lack of marketability.

Points of Interest

  • Once again, the governing bodies and professionals now find themselves with another proliferation of technology, i.e. the Internet.
  • State sales tax rates and rules vary widely. Some states have no sales taxes, while others have combined state, county, and local taxes adding up to about 10%.
  • . . . several states are passing laws requiring Internet based businesses that have very minimal contacts with particular states to collect and submit sales taxes . . .

By: Basi & Basi at the Center for Financial, Legal and Tax Planning for Transworld M&A Advisors