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Tampa Ranked In Top Twenty US Cities For M&A Activity

According to an article which recently appeared in the Tampa Bay Business Journal, Tampa is ranked among the Top Twenty US Cities for M&A activity.

Based on a report published by Mergermarket, Ltd, through the first nine months of 2011 Tampa companies were involved in 13 “inbound” deals, with a total value of $392 million, meaning that 13 companies based in Tampa were acquired by other companies.   Based on the deal count, Tampa was No. 20 on the list of cities with the most inbound deals.

This is good news to prospective sellers, as it confirms what those of us who live and work here have known all long, namely that Tampa and the Greater Tampa Bay Area is a highly desirable market.

Coupled with the automatic expiration of the Bush capital gains tax cuts at the end of next year, 2012 is shaping up to be a very attractive and very active market if you’re thinking of selling your business.

As the generation of Baby Boomers approaches retirement, it has been estimated that over the next twenty years retiring business owners with be seeking to successfully exit their businesses, with an aggregate value in the trillions of dollars.

Without the assistance of an experienced M&A advisor and a comprehensive transition plan & process to maximize the value of their business and ultimately their own personal wealth, many of these business owners will typically:

  • Exit their companies as a result of pressure from outside circumstances, not as a result of their own desires
  • Exit their companies on a timetable that’s forced on them, instead of one that meets their needs
  • Undervalue their companies and leave hard earned wealth on the table
  • Pay too much in taxes
  • Lose control of the process by being reactive rather than proactive
  • Fail to realize their business and personal goals
  • Suffer unnecessary personal stress

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By: Mike Ertel, Transworld M&A Advisors