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Larry SandidgeLawrence D. Sandidge, MBA, ALM


Lawrence “Larry” Sandidge has a diverse background in the Electronics and Finance industries.  His career began as a Sales Engineer in the Semiconductor Industry with Texas Instruments and later National Semiconductor.  In the Electronics industry, he also had his first entrepreneurial venture starting a Manufacturers Representatives firm with principal companies in active and passive components.

In the Finance industry, Mr. Sandidge served as Vice President at Merrill Lynch and Wachovia Securities in an investment capacity.  This experience has provided him with a vast background in Financial and Business Analysis throughout a wide variety of industries.

Mr. Sandidge’s educational background includes a BA in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University, an MBA from the University of Tampa and a Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) from Harvard University.

About Transworld M & A Advisors: Middle Market Business Sales, Advisors & Consultants.

Transworld M&A Advisors consists of a team of professionals who specialize in mid-market transactions for companies valued between $5 million and $100 million. Transactions of this size require a unique blend of experience, insight, and skilled negotiation, which is why we have a separate division to meet the specialized needs of these buyers and sellers. Whether you are a buyer or seller, our highly knowledgeable team can add significant value to your transaction by advocating for your best interests and negotiating the Greatest Value. We see the “Greatest Value” as that unique mix of Price, Terms and Cultural Fit between both sides of a transaction.

We have solid relationships with strategic buyers both domestically and around the globe, allowing us to maximize your potential of a timely and successful closing. From identifying the market value of your company to keeping you informed of the various options and wide range of potential transaction structures, we strive to provide you with the resources, counsel and insight you need to make these important decisions from a thoroughly informed position.

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tworld-logo-large2Transworld Business Advisors was started in 1979 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and, has quickly grown to become a world leader in the marketing and sales of businesses, franchises and commercial real estate, with more than 100 offices in 32 states & 7 countries. Whether you represent an acquisition-minded corporation, or are personally interested in owning your own company or new franchise, Transworld offers the professional services that successfully bring buyers and sellers together.

According to Andrew Cagnetta, CEO of Transworld Business Advisors LLC, our M&A Division provides sellers and buyers of mid-sized, privately held businesses with the high-quality resources and sophisticated services traditionally reserved for firms valued over $100 million.