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Is This the Right Time To Sell or Acquire a Business?

Most economists seem to be in agreement that the US economy has turned the corner and is making slow but steady progress every month towards a full recovery.

As of this writing, the possibility still exists that some external shock could push us into a double bottomed recession, and it will still be another 6-8 months before there’s any official announcement that the Great Recession is over, but the consensus seems to be growing that the worst is behind us..

I was privileged this past month to attend a webinar by Tatum LLC in which one of the presenters cited research showing that acquisitions made in the early phases of an economic recovery —  such as the one we’re in now — were by far the most successful and most productive, averaging 3 times the return on investment of acquisitions made at all other points in  the economic cycle.

This suggests — and my own anecdotal evidence supports — that savvy buyers are already actively looking for fairly priced acquisitions.  It also strongly suggests that this would be an excellent time to be actively selling your business if recent financial history and future prospects support your asking price.

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By: Mike Ertel, Transworld M&A Advisors