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Introducing Legacy Advisors Group

After eight rewarding years of working together with Jay Bradway and The Bradway Group, Jay has accepted an excellent opportunity with another full service, real estate brokerage office in Palm Beach, and I have decided to start my own company and open my own business brokerage office in Tampa.

To service all of my Bradway Group clients through the end of their contracts, I will also continue to do business as The Bradway Group of Tampa Bay through the middle of 2009.  All new clients and renewals will be channeled to my new company.

My new company is called Legacy Advisors Group (LAG), and we will continue to assist buyers and sellers of mid-sized companies in structuring win-win business acquisition transactions.

The primary focus of our practice has been and will continue to be assisting owners of mid-sized companies who have spend most of their working lives building equity in their company until for various reasons it’s time for them to successfully transition the business to a new owner, who can free up the seller’s equity.

Thus, the reason for our name: Legacy Advisors.  It’s estimated that the average business owner has 70% – 90% of his personal net worth tied up in – or pledged in the way of a personal guarantee to – support his business.  Thus, the quality of the business owner’s lifestyle in retirement, his capacity for charitable giving, and the size of his estate to ultimately pass on to his heirs, will be impacted for better or worse by his success in selling and transitioning his business.

While most successful business owners are experts at running their own businesses, they are relative novices when it comes to selling their business, and realize that they will likely realize a much better result if they engage a professional M&A advisor to assist them in this process.

If you know of a business owner who’s thinking of selling or buying a business and who might benefit from a complimentary consultation with us, have them contact me, or any of the M&A professionals at

By: Mike Ertel, Transworld M&A Advisors