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Corporate Acquisitions

Accurate business valuations are important when it comes to buying and selling a business.

There are many factors that go into a business valuation but the most important is what the market is willing to pay. Even if you think your business is worth 50 million dollars, you will only realize that should a potential buyer be prepared to pay that.

Business valuations are important when you want to sell a business, sell some shares in a business, buy a business, are considering and acquisition or merger or when you want to recapitalize a business. Whatever your reason for needing a business valuation, Transworld M & A can help.

Transworld M & A specializes in acquisitions, mergers and buying and selling of businesses. They perform business valuations for a wide variety of buyers and sellers in the market. When performing a business there are several things to consider, some objective and some subjective.

First you have the past income of the business.

Income can refer to annual sales as well as the net income of the business. A valuator will also consider the assets and liabilities of the business. These are bases on objective and substantive audited figures. A broker will also consider the potential of a business. A business may well be able to generate substantially more income with for example improved marketing. A potential buyer may see a good fit and be prepared to pay more than a valuation based solely on past figures.

Past transactions of a similar businesses will also provide an indication of what the marker might be prepared to pay. Each transaction is unique and a professional broker will approach it in that light. The true value and success of a transaction comes about when you match the right buyer with the right seller.