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Avoid These Business Sale Myths – Part 1

The typical business owner will only sell a business once.  Understanding the complex process involved will help produce the best results.  But don’t fall prey to the myths that can derail or seriously affect a potential sale.

Myth #1 – I Can Sell It Myself – Many owners believe they’re qualified to sell their business without professional assistance.  Many owners are entrepreneurs and the key salesperson for the company.  But selling a business is not like selling a product or service.

If you’re looking to sell on your own, confidentiality is lost.  If word of a potential sale gets out, there are definite risks of losing clients, employees and favorable credit terms.

Do you really have the time to run your business and compile marketing materials, advertise, screen buyers, give tours and facilitate due diligence?

When you’re looking to sell you want to put even greater emphasis on running your business, boosting your sales and not taking on new challenges.

Myth #2 – I’ll Sell When I’m Ready – Certainly, an owner wants to be sure he or she is mentally and emotionally prepared to sell. But personal readiness is just one factor.  Economic factors can have a significant impact on the sale of a business.

Sale prices can be affected by industry consolidation, interest rates, unemployment and many other economic measures.   Talk with a professional and aim to sell when your personal goals and market conditions align.

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By: Mike Ertel, Transworld M&A Advisors