World Class Mergers & Acquisitions  |  For Companies $5 Million to $100 Million in Revenue

Peter Berg and how the other Transworld Professionals can Assist you in Middle Market Business

Transworld M&A Advisors is a team of experienced professionals with many stalwarts including Mike Ertel, Peter Berg, Len Russek etc, who specialize in mid-market transactions for companies that have a value from $5 million to about $100 million. We understand the kind of understanding, negotiation skills, and experience is required for these transactions and hence, we have deployed a separate division for the buyers and sellers, alike, keeping to their varying requirements and interests. Right from identifying your company’s market value to informing you about the options at your disposal along with a broad variety of potential transaction structures, we aim to offer you the right resources, counsel, and insight that will enable you to reach a well-informed position.

So, if you want to qualify for an M & A transaction with us, here are a few traits that you must possess. Take a look.

  1. Company Value

We manage transactions for businesses that have a value between $5 million and $100 million. Since this size often becomes a target of the strategic buyers for acquisition, and are too big to be financed or purchased by individual buyers via conventional means, these need a more specialized focus and a wide-ranging client engagement at every phase of the process.

  1. Industry Consolidation

If the industry that you are in is presently getting “rolled up”, we can help you become proactive by appealing to the roll-up investors, thereby saving you from all the waiting until they find you.

  1. Future Growth & Expansion

If your business is short of capital because of its growth, it will be beneficial for you to retain some equity while an investment group can fund you with the requisite capital. We can help you structure a recapitalization with this group, thereby eliminating the personal guarantees of your bank debt while contributing towards your business’ future growth.

  1. Corporate Divestitures

We can help you negotiate the price and terms with your parent company and also introduce you to the debt sources and equity if your parent company wishes to sell the subsidiary you are running and you are interested in purchasing it.

So, without any further delay, quickly give us a call at (888) 864-6610 now.