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Middle Market Merger and Acquisition Advisors Eye Health Care Survey

The professionals here at Transworld M & A Advisors work across a wide range of industries, including the health care sector. This is always going to be a very important segment of the economy, but it is particularly interesting at the present time. The baby boomer generation is comprised of people who were born during the postwar era between 1946 and 1964. These individuals are now attaining senior citizen status, so the country is aging at a rapid rate.

Indeed, seniors comprise a very significant percentage of the overall population all over the country. However, we are headquartered in St. Petersburg in the state of Florida, and as we all know, the Sunshine State is a haven for retirees. Of course, elders are typically going to have significant health care needs, so there will invariably be some enticing middle market merger and acquisition opportunities within the health care niche over the coming years.

Capital One conducts an annual health care industry survey that middle market merger and acquisition advisors can learn a great deal from as they look ahead. The survey was distributed to executives in this space, and there were well over 400 responses. Here are some of the findings that may intrigue you if you are interested in middle market mergers and acquisitions within the health care niche.

• Over 30 percent of the individuals responded intend to spearhead new initiatives to drive growth this year.

• As you might imagine, almost 60 percent of them stated that the impact of the repeal/and or replacement of the Affordable Care Act was their primary concern in 2017.

• An overwhelming percentage of people who responded to the survey were very optimistic about their prospects for the year. A staggering 94 percent of respondents expected to equal or exceed their earnings from a year ago.

• Almost 40 percent of the health care executives that were surveyed stated that they were relying on mergers and acquisitions to propel growth in 2017.

These findings shed a great deal of light, and we are here for you if you would like to learn more about the middle market merger and acquisition opportunities that exist in the health care segment in 2017. You can reach us by phone right now if you give us a call at (888) 864-6610, and you can reach us through the contact page on this website.