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If you are looking for middle market business sales in the US then Transworld M & A can help. They specialise in in mid-market business sales, mergers and acquisitions. Although there is no universally accepted revenue range to define middle market companies, we can use the following rule of thumb. Middle market business sales generally fall between main-street companies and large multi-nationals. In revenue terms, main street companies usually have annual turnover below 5M USD.  Multi-national corporates have a turnover more than 1B USD.


Middle market business sales can further be categorised as:


  • Lower Middle Market: $5 – $50 million of revenue;
  • Middle Market: $50 – $500 million of revenue; and
  • Upper Middle Market: $500 million – $1 billion of revenue.


Middle market business sales is big business in the USA. Middle market companies represent a significant part of the North American economy.  What is important to realise is that there are buyer groups within the different middle market categories. Business with growth potential can attract a premium.


Transworld M&A is a full-service business brokerage firm specialising in mergers and acquisitions within the middle market. The lower middle market is a lucrative sector of the US economy. If you are in this type of business and looking to expand and grow, then you need the right investor.


Transworld M&A have the resources, networks, industry connections and technology to help you with middle market business sales, mergers and acquisitions. They can take your growing and successful business to the market. They know how to maximize the value of your business and how to attract the right buyers.

The team at Transworld will guide you all the way through the acquisition process.