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Is Your Subsidiary Going on the Market?

When you think about mid market business sales, you may envision an outside entity purchasing a company or a subsidiary. Clearly, this happens all the time, and we broker many sales that would fit this description. However, there is another scenario that is quite common within the realm of mid market business sales. To explain by way of example, let’s say that you are in management, and you have worked for the subsidiary of a larger company for a number of years. The management team around you is very strong, and everyone works well together. As a management group, you have enjoyed a great deal of success, and you have continually built the value of the subsidiary through your efforts. It would seem as though you are all primed to reach greater and greater heights.

To your chagrin, you find out that the parent company is actually going to sell your subsidiary. You and the rest of the management team have done well for yourselves over the years, and you huddle together to discuss whether your group can purchase the subsidiary. Everyone who is interested is extremely competent within the industry that you are part of, but no one knows much about intricacies of middle market business sales. This is where we come in to connect the dots. We have extensive experience dealing with situations like these, and we can provide expert assistance every step of the way.

In many cases, the willingness may be present, but capital may be the missing piece. This is no problem when you work with Transworld M & A Business Advisors. Our company has long-standing relationships with certain commercial lenders, hedge fund managers, family offices, and private equity groups. Once we gain an understanding of the situation, we can spring into action to obtain the financing that you need, and we can assist you as you negotiate the price and the terms with the parent company. We can also connect you with other essential resources like attorneys, accountants, and other experts that may be necessary to help you complete the transaction.

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