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Business broker in Miami, Naples and St. Petersburg, FL

A business broker in Miami, Naples and St. Petersburg, FL brings important assets to the table

When you want to sell or buy a medium sized business then you would do well to enlist the services of an accredited, experienced and professional business broker. Transworld M & A Advisors is a licensed and accredited business broker and agent and they can help you buy or sell a SME type business in Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Naples or Orlando. Whether it is a 2M dollar business, or a 70M dollar business, they can help you.

A business agent can help you as a seller understand the true market value of your business. A business is only worth what the market is prepared to pay. Whether you as owner thinks it is worth more or less is not the issue – it is what the market thinks it is worth. A business broker can determine a realistic market value for your business. When you have a realistic value for your business then you have a much better chance of selling your business.

As buyer you need to understand the potential of a business you want to buy. You also need to understand the market trends and you need to find a business that is in line with market trends and that satisfies your goals and expectations. A business broker understands market trends and is able to match potential businesses that meet your goals and parameters.

Buying or selling a business is a complicated process and there are many potential risks and pitfalls. From finding the right buyer or seller, to closing the deal and finalising the process. This process involves risk analysis, business savvy, negotiations, a certain amount of trust and of course legal expertise. A business broker brings all these things to the table.

Whether you want to sell your business or fund your business through equity and recapitalization, a professional business broker can help. If you want to buy a business for strategic purposes or for your investment group, a business agent can help.